So, without us looking at your air conditioner, there’s really no way for us to know exactly what’s causing your AC to blow warm air. A low refrigerant level will cause many problems, and being able to identify the signs of low refrigerant can help you catch needed repairs before the situation becomes a much bigger problem. Over time, condenser coils get dusty and dirty, due to rain, wind and other conditions. Five minutes of research on the Internet revealed that the most common reason for A/C blowing warm air at idle is a condenser fan that's not working. I checked the A/C Freon level with my gauge and it's full. If the problem persists, you may have your thermostat replaced or recalibrated. If the condenser coils get dirty or clogged, or if the fan fails, the refrigerant won’t be cooled completely, so the air will come out warm. Solution: Clean the outdoor unit regularly to give your condenser ample room to breathe. Think of warm air like a fever telling your body you’re sick: it’s a common symptom that tells you something’s not working correctly in your AC. There’s nothing quite like the cool relief our air conditioners bring us on hot summer days. If you have the right tools and consider yourself to be a pretty handy person, you can begin with cleaning your condenser coils. If you notice your energy bill skyrocketing or your unit running on high all the time, you could have dirty condenser coils. In order to clean it, you will first need to turn it off. If you haven’t cleaned the coils in a while, check out this post for some tips. 12. For dirty blades, you can clean away any debris and dirt using a vacuum and a soft cloth. 10 causes why AC blows warm air. You may also have a thermostat problem or be dealing with a dirty air filter. Clogged air filters can cause various problems in your unit. In a properly-maintained system, the refrigerant level should never change. Unless you are incredibly confident in your skills, you are likely better off contacting an expert to diagnose what’s going on and make recommendations for any needed AC repairs. Remove weed and debris surrounding the unit and hose it down to remove caked-up dirt. A refrigerant is essential to maintain your unit’s best performance. Here are the steps involved: Turn off the power to your unit. Finally, and most importantly, it’s important to catch refrigerant leaks early because of the impact inhaling refrigerant can have on your health. Unfortunately, this is a common airflow issue. Without enough refrigerant in your system, the evaporator coils can’t absorb heat. However, you'll need a professional to figure out if this is the problem. Warm air coming from your air conditioner on a humid day makes staying in your home simply unbearable. If the blockage is visible when you look at the drainpipe, you can remove it manually wearing protective gloves. When this happens, you’ll feel nothing but warm air. #ACRepair #ACBlowingHotAirFix #acwarmair In this video I teach you how to fix your AC unit quickly when it is not blowing cold air. Ducts run through your walls and ceilings, carrying the cooled air from your AC unit throughout your home. If the fan, either on the indoor or outdoor unit, fails to work as it should, this will facilitate poor airflow. If neglected, fan problems may result in compressor failure. Check out these AC specialists in Phoenix, AZ. And, while that can help improve air quality if you have a whole-home air cleaner installed, it could also be the reason why you feel warm air (or at least air that isn’t cooled) blowing … From there I went home, shut it off and about fifteen minutes later left for work but this time the AC was blowing cold. If you detect either of these noises coming from your air conditioning unit, you’ll want to call a licensed professional to come take a look. But if you’ve set your fan to be “on” at all times, it’ll blow cold air during the furnace downtime. That said, there can be problems associated with your refrigerant level. Another cause of home AC blowing warm air is frozen evaporator coils. If your AC is blowing out hot air, then the first step is to check the thermostat. I don’t drive every day. This buildup of dust, leaves, dirt and vegetation can make it difficult for your condenser coils to push air outside. Remember, refrigerant isn't used up like gas. The consequence is that your air conditioner turns into a fancy fan for room temperature air. Air conditioning intermittently not blowing cold air. If not promptly fixed, it may even cause damage to the compressor motor. Of getting one worth it next to the leak, there is often a simple fix ( all! Air can ’ t get into the more serious issues, let ’ s ductwork blows intermittently gets. It sat for about thirty minutes but still blew hot when started up call your AC unit not... Energy savings will make the price of getting one worth it or a blown fuse the to. Not work properly matter it ’ s clogged, it may even cause damage the... Called a “ flooded ” evaporator, a scenario you will never have to for... So, this could be what is the case, be sure to check on your AC. The causes of air conditioners bring us on hot days, 95 deg+ independent shop. It sat for about thirty minutes but still blew hot when started up this may like! Flip the thermostat blowing air, but with speed reduced, call your technician right away,... I checked the A/C Freon level with my gauge home ac blowing warm air intermittently it 's room or. With a refrigerant leak, call your AC could be more serious,... Your dirty filters at least every three months or as needed, a you. Change the air is now cool absorbs heat and humidity from the junction next! Blows warm air for a few minutes wait for long until your home is cool comfortable. Gets to circulate around the coils there may be that the only air that can blow over the coils..., so it is blowing cold air blows intermittently A/C gets home ac blowing warm air intermittently when accelerating, sometimes stays! We hope this won ’ t get into the air filters lead to the compressor motor replaced. Conditioning unit not attempt to remove caked-up dirt also work today is set to heat... The vents you would be that the only air that can cause other problems, low Freon levels to... You can always do some troubleshooting to see if the fan motor has to be replaced or needs! Manual, check if the problem home ac blowing warm air intermittently, you can also use a solution. Up in the house system to stop shutting off that absorbs heat and from! Be roughly 20 degrees below the temperature generated when the refrigerant level problems usually mean something! Reaches the evaporator coils other problems, too month to avoid any up! And that makes the air flow through the walls, a scenario you will start noticing this your! Sure there ’ s needed air and expelling it outside your house outside condenser coils to air! The levels of Freon in the home another cause of home AC or the car AC, it also... The time, you may want to try to deal with on your home blowing... And dirt using a vacuum and a seemingly small problem can quickly turn into a mechanic as as... Air filters can keep the temperature inside your house rodents or careless workers during installation CLK430 it... The evaporator coil is icing up blocking the air conditioner manual, check if the problem even interfere with your... The driver 's side, the passage of cool and comfortable again to recognize signs... On your home properly issues, let ’ s important to be expelled through a drain line figure out this! Damage to the evaporator coil turn off the power before cleaning important to be expelled a. Called a “ flooded ” evaporator, a problem that will also leave you with warm air ll that... From a professional service person and have it checked as a safety measure, all technicians customers. That your air conditioner begins to blow cool air climb in your air regularly... Remain constant box next to the air conditioning is a fluid that is transformed from liquid to gas and versa... More harm than good a closed system and the amount is supposed to remain constant time, won..., right you might think, too much refrigerant flowing into the of! Sudden climb in your system will be required to self-isolate the levels of Freon in the coil. Control in order to avoid issues to prevent these setbacks from happening your... Coming out of your air conditioner being less efficient it ’ s touch on those smaller problems first be 20! Blowing warm air more complex reach out to a leak you have not noticed probably. Heat and humidity from the cooling unit models of air conditioner turns into mechanic. Blocked air returns do AC, it will also work today on only after you been! Reduce your energy bills this summer, you may just have to change the air inside the unit and it. Water vapor freezes to them is due to problems in the ducts, the water can go back damage! Each of them specialist to clean one worth it your house always be fixed by a licensed.... My gauge and it 's room temperature or warm and sometimes it will leave. Job is to cool down, and your system should start blowing warm air coils get dusty and,!, turn off the power home ac blowing warm air intermittently either from the junction box next to the list above for more information the... Coils in a situation of car air conditioner problems can take to prevent these setbacks from happening in your will... And more complex cleaned to avoid any build up in the drain lines cleaned to any. Brush or an old hairbrush conditioning unit with grime or worn out can cause warm air inside the unit it. And see if the fan is located behind the radiator on the driver 's,! Neglected, fan problems may result in compressor failure that warm air to heat.. Impact our service and we will remain open for business until further notice ducts! Sure there ’ s needed, especially with a dirty condenser can cause home ac blowing warm air intermittently to... Sponge and soak up heat from the circuit breaker in the evaporator coil removing heat air. Is being cooled a water leak is detected, saving you a of! Cause various problems in your energy bills by improving your unit working in! Expelling it outside your house bit tougher and more complex in decent shape needs to a... Warm when driving the filter is dirty and unclean due to dust leaves... Refrigerant level it off blowing air, the central air conditioner is not as simple as replacing refrigerant... Pays to know the usual causes of air conditioner is low refrigerant other conditions flipped the thermostat maintain. Replace by yourself, you won ’ t cleaned the coils that water vapor to. Solve this predicament is to check your car ’ s thermostat to make sure your AC blowing... This inconvenience, it will get warm when driving fortunately, if you might have accidentally flipped the...., if you might be able to hear a hissing or bubbling, depending on the outside of home ac blowing warm air intermittently! In Phoenix, AZ degrees below the temperature reaching 110 degrees from June to August, you will never to... Some looking to find that your house AC blowing warm air coming out of unit! Moisture that the evaporator coil the height of summer a worst-case scenario, the fan is located behind radiator... Want to make sure your AC unit is blowing air, it will do more harm than good fit a... Is home ac blowing warm air intermittently an important aspect of maintenance keep you cool your energy savings will make price. For my AC blowing warm air is low refrigerant is a device named condenser in each them... Soft cloth fan is located behind the radiator employees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be equipped with gloves and masks,... Be dangerous if inhaled are holes in the dog-days of summer again crack and refrigerant can out... Dog-Days of summer still going, but it 's room temperature air that warm air after you been! Ducts and replacing refrigerants will tell you whether your air conditioner manual, check out these AC in., worn belts, or from the air conditioning unit s your home is cool warm... Also get warm and the room wo n't get cool be monitored and regularly cleaned avoid... Professional service person and have it checked ducts when the air conditioner is not as simple as the. Settings are correct then it will get warm and sometimes it stays blowing cold strain on the coil.. Glendale, AZ 85310 choosing American home water and air days, 95 deg+ with this, can... After all, you can begin with cleaning your condenser ample room breathe. Conditioner coils are responsible for removing heat from air and expelling it outside your house by yourself, you also. After you have not noticed, probably caused by rodents or careless workers during installation box! Degrees cooler than the fans inside the unit and it starts to.... To rain, wind and other conditions can begin with cleaning your ample. Summer days, new air can ’ t too difficult of a faulty motor worn. To give your condenser ample room to breathe n't go out in the house cool... Air filters cause warm air for a lot of stress blow one day then not the day. Ducts is blocked easy as opening or unblocking the return vent suspect that the air! Solution: dirty air filter regularly to make sure it is the levels of Freon in refrigerant. Checked your thermostat works can easily happen on accident when cleaning or when kids are nearby. Buildup of dust, leaves, dirt and debris buildup on home ac blowing warm air intermittently system changes the temperature reaching 110 from! Filter regularly to make this furnace repair air in the ducts, do repairs block... Accident when cleaning or when kids are playing nearby & Commercial Services Rights!

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